” Photography is not art, the process of photography is art -Scot

About Me

Scot Birchfield is a professional creative and artistic photographer. He also travels to the ends of the world giving lectures and workshops on photography, modeling, lighting, and post-production efficiency and workflow. His creative interactive style and attention to detail and craft make him an entertaining and in demand photographer.
Scot Birchfield loves to create different concepts for each of his clients. Nothing he does is the same as many typical photographer shoots. His passion to work with people is outstanding and he is sought after by his 10,000 plus followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His passion for trying anything once or maybe twice is admired by his peers. Many who try to copy his style of shooting, just show how much they appreciate his style. He is willing to share his knowledge of what he has learned with anyone who has the passion for learning.

If you’re interested in shooting with Scot head over to his project page and sign up. He has something going on all the time! Click Here! Or visit him on Facebook here!

To create art is pushing your limitation to the limit and then go beyond those limits. You are only limited by your peers. 


Create something with a simplistic design that no one else has the belief in themselves to try.