Frequently Asked Questions

about shooting with me and my session policies. If you have any question please contact me.
Please visit my pricing page for my current {Price} rate.


  • Can you help me with a modeling career?

    Yes, I can help you design a portfolio for modeling agencies but I will not do it for free. All shoots must be paid for.

    I know the standard images and sizes needed for presenting a portfolio to an agency or company.

    Porn or Pornographic:
    I absolutely will not shoot anything of this nature. If I feel that you are misleading or trying to talk me into it. I have a duty to report you to the local authorities.

  • What happens when my link doesn’t work anymore for viewing my images?

    I typically remove the proof and final images after 2 weeks of time. This help saves space on my server and cost. Please contact me and I shall either reupload or send you a copy via USB drive. There is a cost for this service. $25.00 plus shipping fee of $5.00

  • Will the images have a watermark?

    All images that are used for social and website shall have watermark present. Final print images will not have a watermark on the image.

  • Do you have my image we shot over a year ago?

    Yes, I keep backup of images up to 2 yrs from the date we shoot. Due to the cost of backup drives and the work put into maintaining the backup! I do charge a fee of $50.00 for access, uploading and sending a new link! So that you may download them again. I do recommend buying a USB thumb drive for storing the images and other information on.

    I do keep a few images for my website galleries stored locally. They are non-watermark and image compressed for my website. I do not release those images to anyone for web or print use.

  • Do I use your images for profit?

    Yes, I use them to market me on any social site. That I deem necessary to use for them. If you would like to be tagged and credited please let me know and I will do so.

  • How many edits do I get per plan?

    Each package list a number of images that you purchase to included the edited and proof images. So, if you have a need for more edited images please let me know and I will calculate the prices for the extra edits.

  • Do I allow anyone to edit my images?

    No, I’m the photographer and editor here. I do not need anyone else touching my images. Please just don’t ask me if you or anyone else and edit the image. I have the vision for the image that I edit on, not anyone else. I consider this disrespectful and I would never ask you to do the same.

  • How many I contact you before the shoot?

    I prefer to talk via facebook or text message. Once we set the date and time for the shoot I do send you my contact information. You may call me before 5 pm and text up till 9 pm. Anything after those time I will not answer until the next day. This is the link to my facebook account! Click Here!