I would like to know if you want to shoot with me in 2019. So, I created this wish-list and hopes that you want to. I feel that I need to be upfront and honest about shooting with me. I have a zero Drama policy about every shoot. If we make plans I expect you to be there and be there own time. I know something comes up all the time, I do honest think that you can inform me before the shoot. If you are a no-show/ no-contact please remove me from your Facebook and phone. I just don’t have time to waste on you since you treated me the same.  Some of my shoots this year will be free to donation. The donation part is me seeing how good of a person you are and I shall in return donate more of my time shooting and editing your images. Free shoot I will still edited the same amount of images as I typically do. That is about 10 total you get to pick 5 and I pick five. No, I do not allow anyone to edit my images besides myself or my editor. Just don’t ask!

I plan to do some creative artistic session this year and so I need you! We are all adults here. If not then we don’t need to shoot together and you can remove me as a friend on FB,

I’m just not going to waste my time begging you to shoot. I will contact you and from there we set a date and a time. I do not shoot any minors at all without a mother or a father present. I will not issue a parent release before hand. They must be there.

My rules are simple enough to follow -Scot

  • Please read first
  • Date of Brith